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Austin, REvisited

OCTOBER 27, 2010



In retrospect I feel I have left out some key points of Austin and perhaps should have not of skipped over it so readily. I forgot to relate the stories of going to Kathleen's parents house. Kathleen's mother is a doctor of chinese acupuncture, a medical practice my mother swears by. She offered Annie and I each a free treatment. The morning I woke up for our appointments I was attacked by one of the fiercest migraines of my life. The pain was unbelievable and caused me to miss my scheduled appointment with Mrs. Jackson. Which caused her to worry about us and coming looking for us. By the time she had arrived the pain had subsided and I was able to make it to her home office. I told her migraines were not a constant occurrence in my life, perhaps once or twice every six months. She concluded that I had most likely been putting too much stress on myself and the small break of being in Austin has allowed my body chance for attack. She gave me some de-stressing points along with some for immediate relief of my headache. I left feeling rejuvenated. I have grown up with acupuncture treatments but for Annie this was a first. She was impressed with her experience. 


We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Austin. The most interesting thing to both of us was the wildly popular food cart culinary culture that had exploded all over the city, which was cultivated in California. They had whole little "trailer park food courts." And these were not your average taco/hotdog/falafel stands. You could get sushi, southern food, veggie wraps, gourmet chocolate, anything! It was cheap too! Of course this phenomenon would not catch on as quickly in a places of less desirable climates. Outdoor food wouldn't hold up well through icy winters. But in Austin, it works. I ate a fried avocado taco from Torchy's taco cart. It was fantastic. I wasn't hungry enough to sample as many of the food carts as I would have liked to but I plan to return and try more! Plus we were invited to spaghetti night at the Jackson's.


I don't know what it is about dad's and spaghetti but they sure know what they are doing. I can't quite describe what a pleasure it was to spend the evening with the Jackson family. They had such an inherent family bond, yet were also so warm and welcoming to us. They couple had this youthful love and attraction to each other, one that most assume dies over a certain number of years together. It was comforting and gave me hope. Plus the spaghetti hit the spot.

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