bout what

day three: savannah georgia

SEPTEMBER 12, 2010

tommorrow the real trip begins. savannah has been a nice limbo period between asheville and the road, familiar faces are a comfort. yesterday we stumbled upon a gay pride festival and i was tempted to buy something called "lesbian honey" but decided against it considering i'm trying to be more frugal and at the end of the day, honey is honey, lesbian or not.

under my brothers influence, however, i was talked in to buying an 8 dollar daquari called a "shock treatment," which made me feel a little buzzed and then a lot of sick. but apparently they are quite dear to savannah so i slurped it down. along with too many miller highlifes which you can buy 30 of for 15 dollars here in savannah. this was an exciting purchase. i got to carry them in a backpack around to some radical college parties. "how was the party?" "raw dude" "yeah dude, raw."

it is clear we need to start diggin our way deeper in to this country. today i'm feeling a little nervous, almost scared about the departure tommorrow. not fear of getting lost of fear or being late but fear of not being present. there is a lot out there and i must allow myself to shrug off the cold shoulder new york taught me and really embrace southern hospitality. so this is chapter one.

always and all ways,